Fun & Interactive Online Star Wars

Activities for Kids to enjoy at home

For our younger Star Wars fans who love coding, stop motion animation and graphic design we have Star Wars themed on-line interactive sessions in small groups of 8 with Designer Minds on Saturday and Sunday May 1st & 2nd.

Designer Minds introduces kids to the wonders of science, coding, animation and graphic design in a way that is fun and engaging.  

Book now to avoid disappointment because places are limited and demand is high.     

Star Wars Coding In Scratch

Scratch is one of the fundamental learning languages for coding and programming. Its intuitive and user-friendly, block-based interface makes for a fun and enjoyable experience for all young Jedis to learn from. We can't wait to guide you through this unique Online Star Wars Coding session which is full of engaging Scratch activities.

Graphic Design For Budding Jedis

Do your kids love art? How about Star Wars? Why not introduce them to the wonderful world of Graphic Design for Jedis? In this Online session, kids will learn to communicate using various artistic forms such as colour, fonts, background and shapes. They will develop skills in a widely used graphic design program, which they are sure to continue to use after the club ends.

Stop Motion Animation

In this unique Online Star Wars session, you will become the leader of the Stop Motion rebellion and your mission will be to direct your very own Stop Motion LEGO Movie. By engaging in this Stop Motion Jedi training, you will learn the force of animation, story-telling, voice-overs and more. Your story will assist in saving the Galaxy. Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're our only hope!

Stop Motion.png

Graphic Design for Budding Jedis 

Transform your lightsaber into a digital pen and learn the force of visual communication. In this session, kids will learn about graphic design, as they have fun playing games and engaging in activities with their fellow Jedi-Padawans. Watch on as they develop new ways of self-expression through fonts, colour, shapes and various other elements of graphic design. This session could be their first step in designing their very own Jedi logo. 
Senior Group (10-12 yrs):



Stop Motion Animation Make your own Star Wars LEGO Movie 

In this session, your child’s mission will be to take over the rebellion and direct their very own Star Wars LEGO Stop Motion Animation movie. They will learn the art of visual-storytelling while developing new skills in animation, movie-making, voice-overs, script writing and more. Who knows…. Their story may just be what the rebel alliance needs to overthrow the evil empire. 

Junior Group (7-9yrs)                            Senior Group (10-12yrs)



Scratch Coding in Star Wars 

The Millennium Falcon wouldn’t have gotten very far if Chewbacca hadn’t been such a good coder. Kids will spend this session engrossed in an array of fun learning activities, where they will develop new skills in animation, design and coding using Scratch. The session offers the perfect introduction for children to learn to code. This could be their first step in building their very own starship. 
Junior Group (7-9 yrs)                          Senior Group (10-12 yrs)


What to expect from Designer Minds Online? 
•    Lots of fun games and interactive learning activities. 
•    Extra emphasis on social interaction and bonding activities. 
•    Personalised learning in a small group of kids, where every child has an equal opportunity to share and participate. 
•    Equipping your child with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to work on their personal projects and continue developing their passions from home. 
•    An opportunity for your child to learn about their passions and interests from the comfort of their own home. 
So, if your kids would like to learn the ways of the force and develop fun & creative skills along the way, then sign them up for a Designer Minds Star Wars session today.